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Naught Distilling's Abigail still

Naught Distilling Launches New Gin with Fermecraft

Located in the northern suburb of Eltham, Naught Distilling is the latest distillery to open in Melbourne.

Founded by former professional basketballer Chris Cameron and business investor Marcus Hansen, Naught Distilling is the result of many years of hard work and planning.

The brand publicly launched in early October with their Australian Dry Gin.

Fermecraft worked alongside the Naught team for many months to develop the best software and distilling solutions for the new premises.

As first-time distillers, Chris and Marcus placed their trust and confidence in the Fermecraft team to enable Naught to begin distilling and bottle their gin with time to launch their brand on 1 October 2020.

I was referred to Warren at Fermecraft from the Four Pillars team, who rated Fermecraft very highly for innovative software solutions for distilleries.

“They’ve been really great to work with and if there have been any issues, they’ve immediately helped us find a solution,” said Chris.

The team’s high-level technical knowledge has been of great assistance to Naught, by providing environmentally friendly and cost effective solutions to their process.

Distilling gin requires a lot of water and we really wanted to ensure we didn’t waste thousands of litres everytime we distil, so Fermecraft assisted us to find a workable solution.

Our aim was to reduce wastage overall and control the temperature of our batches, as much as possible. Fermecraft’s glycol pressure control system was great for that, keeping the temperature of the water through the still stable and consistent,” said Chris.

Fermecraft also assisted Naught to install a highly effective trade waste management system checking the PH levels of their waste and automating their trade water disposal.

We’re really happy to be working with Fermecraft who have supported us every step of the way.

Building a distillery from scratch can be a stressful process and definitely one which can take longer than expected if things go wrong, so it’s been great to work with Warren and his team who have the experience and understanding to make the distilling process efficient and reliable,” said Chris.

The Fermecraft system has now been installed in a number of Australian distilleries to help them monitor and control the distilling process with automated detection and alert processes to ensure they produce consistent results every time.

For more information on how Fermecraft can assist you, click here.

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