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Advanced Automation For Brogans Way Gin Distillery

Brogan’s Way employs a Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) concept from Siemens. The technology automates the Fermecraft solution, which was designed and engineered by Deacam. This modular automation solution helps craft brewers and distillers to regulate and automate processes – including fermentation, vessel control functions, cooling and heating, and much more.

The distilling process typically takes two to six weeks and, throughout this period, the temperature must stay within a strict bandwidth to ensure the quality of the product. The Siemens Fermecraft solution enables Brogan’s Way to access the control data for the chiller remotely in real time to ensure each batch is at the perfect temperature. Fermecraft has the scalability and flexibility to be retrofitted into new and existing equipment of various sizes.

“Automation is critical for craft distilling to enable data capture and the ability to produce the same product time and time again,” says Deacam Director Warren Bradford.

Distilled with data

Even small breweries and distilleries produce a flood of data. Digitalization makes all that data transparent and easy to follow.  

Craft brewing and distilling have been growing at an unprecedented rate. At the heart of the industry’s success is technology: efficient and scalable automation gives smaller manufacturers the same scalability as much larger businesses.


Advanced automation is especially important to small distillers as it provides greater visibility of their processes. This allows quick, flexible and cost-efficient response to changing market demands, without risk to the quality of the end product.

At the Melbourne-based artisan gin distillery Brogan’s Way, Siemens has partnered with Deacam, an original equipment manufacturer, to enable the control of variables in the distilling process to ensure quality and consistency in each and every batch.

“Technology is very important in the craft brewing and distilling market place, particularly when you don’t have enough staff or time – which are your most precious resources,” says Brogan’s Way founder and co-owner Simon Carr. “Technology is like having another member of the team.”

Brogans Way Distillery are located in Richmond, Melbourne.

Brogans Way Gin Distillery

Story and Image credit: Siemens

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