Frozen Fruit Finds its Feet with Fermecraft

Aussie Frozen Berries

Fermecraft’s versatility and industry 4.0 technology has proven highly effective and scalable in frozen fruit packaging, as it is with wine, beer and spirits production. Temperature control is a central feature of the Fermecraft system and it is this capability, along with the automated alert system and data management power of Fermecraft, which has transformed […]

Wolf of the Willows – breaking the mould – through digital manufacturing

automated brewing

How would you like a 30% reduction in your manufacturing timeframe? Or look at it another way …how would you like to be able to produce 30% more without increasing the size of your footprint? In this article I’ll share with you how a local Australian micro-brewer, Wolf of the Willows’ broke the mould and […]

Could this be the ultimate Industry 4.0 combination?

Internet of Beer

Warren Bradford was positively frothing as he described how his business Deacam is using the internet of things (IoT) to take beer making and fermentation technology to the next level. Warren was speaking to a packed audience of business leaders at the Industrie 4.0 trade fair at Hannover Messe in April 20191. IoT is the […]

Naught Gin Launches With The Help Of Fermecraft

Located in the northern suburb of Eltham, Naught Gin is the latest distillery to open in Melbourne. Founded by former professional basketballer Chris Cameron and business investor Marcus Hansen, Naught Gin is the result of many years of hard work and planning. The brand publicly launched in early October with their Australian Dry Gin. Fermecraft […]

A Revolutionary Power Solution For The Public Brewery

The Public Brewery Fermecraft System

The Public Brewery was established in 2013 in Croydon, Victoria by co-owners Dale and Bek White. With the assistance of Fermecraft and their innovative technology, the brewery has since expanded to two locations including a taphouse and a dedicated brewery. However, Fermecraft’s latest job with the brewery didn’t come without its challenges. In fact, it […]